what a man need

Man’s need

When you read the first marriage in history which is found in the constitution of our country;

Genesis, section (2) subsection(24)

It says;

God took the man and put him in the gaden of Eden
The word ‘Eden’ is a complicated word in hebrew (It doesn’t refer to a gaden with trees even though am sure they are probably in that environment)

It refers to Order

The word Eden means Delightful spot, It also means Open door (its a complicated word)

Its a spot on earth where for a moment God has a open door from heaven on earth. That’s where God put the man ‘In his presence’
So, that’s why we cant find Eden today. Eden is not a place, its an environment.

No archeologist can find ‘Eden’. Why? Because its an atmosphere, îts the precence of God

when man sin, God drove him from the presence of God so the atmoosphere went back to heaven.

So, when God made the first male, he put him in his presence. The first thing God gave a man was his presence Eden. So, the first thing a man need is not a woman but the ‘Presence of God’. And a woman should meet you in the presence of God…
Some women amaze me, they leave the presence of God going to the bush to find the brother and then try to drag him to the presence of God…. No No No!!! That shouldn’t be.

Genesis 2:15
The next thing God told the male… ‘WORK’ God gave man work before he gave him woman! God prority is very clear.

The third thing God told the man is CULTIVATE Genesis 2:15
Cultivate means to bring out the best in everything around you, to maximize the potential of everything around you and to make everything fruitful. God only said that to the male, that is why God will never give a man a finished woman…

The male was created by God to create what he want. The woman you are looking for does not exist, she is in your head. Your job is to take the raw material you marry and cultivate it to the woman in your head…

Jesus Christ is a real man… He said about his wife;

husband, love your wife like I love my wife (the church)

he said; this is his how to do it,

first, you wash her with the word. Then, you remove every blemish and then you present her to yourself.

If your wife put on a little bit of weight and you dont like it, dont critisize her, wake her up 6′ 0clock, ‘come babe lets go jugg’.
The fourth thing God told a man is to guard the Garden. The man should protect the woman that is why God give you a stronger bone frame, a bigger muscle mass… not to abuse the woman but to protect the woman.
The last thing God gave a man was is WORD. God says; Adam, do not touch the tree. God never told the woman about this.

Which means the male was the only one who got the word of God and his job is to teach his wife the word of God…
What is wrong this days is that the woman knows the word much more than the man…
Then in Genesis 2:18. God said; its not good for ‘THIS MAN’ to be alone.


which man?
The man who; 1. Is in his presence. 2. Who is working. 3. Can cultivate you. 4. Can protect you. 5. Can teach you the word.

So, if you meet a man who dont like his presence, aint working, cant cultivate you or improve you, cant protect you and dont know God’s word, it is good for such a man to be alone!