“Even if my father and mother abandon me–the Lord will hold me close!” – Ps 27:10

We all know how much our father and mother love us. It seems to us there never could be a stronger love than theirs. No matter how wickedly a son may act, the love in his father’s and mother’s heart, still continues tender and faithful. Though all the world turn him out-of-doors, the ‘home door’ still stands open for him.

But this verse tells us that even if parental love is worn out, and parental patience exhausted, and the home door shut in one’s face–there is still a place in God’s heart and home for the outcast! This is the verse for the man or the woman who has gone down to the lowest depths of shame, until even his mother–if this is possible—has given him up and shut him out of her heart!


God’s love outlasts human love.

This is also the orphan’s verse. When God removes father and mother, He Himself takes up the child in special love and care. Very desolate is the world, when both father and mother are gone. Life is never the same again. There is no place to go with the heart’s hunger, and with the burden that is too heavy. Yet God remains, and in the loss of the human, there are first revealed, ofttimes, the warmth, tenderness, faithfulness, and help of the divine love.


Cast all your care on God–that anchor holds!

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