Prosperity of your soul

Prosperity of your soul
Declaring God’s word upon your life

3John1:2. Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.

I once heard the story of a man who was about to kill himself because his girlfriend jilted him reason be that he was poor. We all want to be wealthy, prosper and be in good health, we want to be identified with good things like riches. So I said, even the man suppose to hate his state of been poor before anyone else. Poverty is far more than a disease. Its a sickness that will kill if not treated.

The question is “How do I Prosper?” The major prosperity we should all aim at is the prosperity of our soul the scipture we read ealier buttress the fact that the prosperity of the soul is the major building block of all forms of prosperity be it financial prosperity, good health… “As a man thinketh in is heart so is he.” A prosperous and healthy life is built with a prosperous soul.

We need to consciously ‘with maximum effort’ see to the prosperity of our soul “Guide your heart diligently for wherein the issues of life flows from” through positive influences, good formal and informal education, reading God’s word, Speaking God’s word to yourself, declaring what you want and not what you don’t have

By doing this consistently you start to enrich your soul thereby molding a prosperious world round you.
Pastor Innocent Tamunakubie of Kingsword International Church, Igando. Speak more about the prosperity of your soul series 1-6

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