The emotional God


Reading 2 Corinthians 9:7 today and it said, “don’t give reluctantly or under pressure, but do it cheerfully because God loves a cheerful giver. Then, the Holy Spirit said to me:: “don’t spend time with God reluctantly or under pressure.” I had never looked at that scripture using my quiet time! It hit me like a ton of bricks because for years, I put so much pressure on myself to spend time with God that guilt pushed me to sit at His feet. Like a check on my box & since I spent time with God He won’t hate me.” As if I could earn Him? And it wasn’t this: I get to spend time with God, but I “got” to spend time with Him. What if you got married & your spouse grudgingly spent time with you? Like “ugh, I got to eat dinner with my wife today. I’m too tired & too busy for you.” You would feel terrible! So unloved. You want your spouse to want & desire to be around you. Same goes with God. He has feelings. And He created you for fellowship with HIM. Our prayer must be, “Lord, help me to desire you more than work, technology, my family or whatever else. Lord, show me the urgency of sitting before you! I want a real desire in my heart for you! Not out of obligation but I want to spend time with you birthed out of this beautiful love that I have for you. Because you died for my sins, because you comfort me & you’re always there for me. Because you’re God & God alone. Because you’re everything.. Help me to prioritize YOU in my heart. Let it be real. Break my heart for what breaks your heart. Show me times where we can spend time alone together. I want to long for you, Lord!” When we draw near to God, He draws near to us.


So, be intentional about your part. Spend time with God, give your attention to Him & unplug & refuse to be distracted. bible: life application bible NLT} ‪#‎QuietTime‬

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