What are you doing?

Mornings With God

Blessed is that servant, whom his Lord when He cometh shall find so doing. – Luke 12:4
All things in life are uncertain. We never know what will be on any tomorrow. We expect to live for many years, but we may die to–night. We have large plans for work in the future – plans which will take us many years to complete. That is right. Because we may die to–morrow is no reason why we should not lay out work that it will take us a long while to finish. At the same time we should live every day so that if that day should be our last, it will be a good day for the ending of our life.

That is what Jesus meant when He said we should always ready for His coming. The only way a servant can be surely ready for his Master, not knowing when He may appear, is to do his work faithfully every day, keeping all things continually in perfect order, so that he may never be surprised, however suddenly the Master may come, and so that when the Master comes He will not find things unfinished or in disorder.

Source: Mornings With God – http://www.youdevotion.com

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