Too good to be true story


Just like Paul’s saying…

When I was a child I think and reason like a child but when I grow up I put away childish things

1Corinthians 13:11.

I remember when I was a child, I use to imagine what actually existed before that first word in Genesis 1:1

In the beginning…

For several hours I will sit in the toilet just trying to imagine what actually existed before God.
I remember one day when I saw in Genesis 1:2  “…and darkness was upon the face of the deep.”  Waw! Are you kidding me!? Who created the darkness? It sound as if darkness has been in existence before God and I never hear God saying: LET THERE BE DARKNESS! Or… Does darkness exist before God!? (What a childish taught anyway) So, as I gradually grow to become a man I stop trying to imagine all this things because have discover that EVERYTHING I CAN IMAGINE DOES NOT EXIST BEFORE GOD. not even darkness.
Moreover, in the later part of Genesis 1:1 “…God created the heavens and the earth.” I discover that heaven is in a plural form while earth is just earth (singular).
Well. The heavens here means heaven (God’s dwelling place) and the heavenly bodies. I mean the angelic beigns (including Lucifer (‘devil’ as you may call him)). Lucifer was one of the leading ‘arc’ angels with the likes of Micheal, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael… Believe me if I tell you that Lucifer was even the praise and worship team leader in heaven during those days. He did is role so well as the worship team leader (and also been the heaven’s librarian) that he felt so important that proud came into him and think of been God. So, for this reason. Mr Lucifer was chased away from heaven (because no unclean things can be found in God’s presence) well, that means sin can even make an angel to become unclean. Waw! This is interesting, Mr Lucifer wanted to be like God. Lolz…

Lucifer's fall

With the aim of making mess of Lucifer. God decide to create man from the dust of the earth in his own image and likeness. He gave man the breath of life for man to become a living soul and also gave man the authority over all things saying “As I am God, so yee also are Gods on earth)

The making of man from the dust

waw! Is this not actually what Lucifer wanted that he gave the man he made from dust. Lucifer became  worried, this can’t happen, he taught to himself, God must be joking, said Lucifer. So, he ask himself, how can I stop this? How can I snatch this authority God has given man away from him? Ok. No problem, I know what to do.  Said the devil. I will decive man and make him fall the same way I fell.
Hmmmm… You wonder how? Devil finally succeeded in introducing sin to man and man accept devil’s gift of sin unknowingly thereby making the devil to steel man’s authority and rule over man since then (at least the devil is the first to sin thereby making him the father of the sinners or better put, the father to all the sinners).
But because God so much love man that he gave his only begotten son to come and die for man’s sins and as many can believe that this son of God (whose name is Jesus) came to this world to die for his/her sin will be automatically save from the  ruling power of the devil. WHAT A FREE GIFT FROM GOD! How can somebody called Jesus will just come from nowhere to die for all the bad things I have done and even the bad things I will still do and he will come and save me from the power of the devil and gave me ethernal life then make me to live a sin-free life… with other goodies and freebies he has for me … This is too good to be true..! Maybe you are thinking like this. But that is actually the truth. This is the story of God’s love for you. This love is unequal and unparalleled. This love is your only hope to live an abundant life that is full o peace and prosperity. So, wouldn’t you rather accept Jesus into your life today?


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